Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nobody can afford to question the fact that every country decides its own priorities with regard to economic and social development by keeping the internal and external security in sound position. It is rightly so for a country like India which has 1200 million people, the second most populous country in the world after China.

India is a sixty three year old Sovereign Democratic Republic but unfortunately still having large population even without the most basic necessities of life like food, clothing, shelter etc. at its command. The immediate neighbors of India except China are also having the same issues, may be in varying degrees, to take care of on priority.

However, it is intriguing to go through a report published in The Express Tribune on 13th June, 2013, according to which, Pakistan raises its defense spending every year, the raise this fiscal is set at 15% over last year, because of its historically uneasy relations with arch-rival India. India earlier this year, on its part boosted military spending by 21% for 2013-14 as it seeks to counter China’s rapid military build-up and its traditional rival Pakistan as well.

 Obviously, this is contradictory situation. So, the pertinent question is, can and should any country decide to buy arms and weapons at the cost of keeping its people hungry and impoverished? Absolutely not. Pakistan and India must see the light of the day and read the writing on the wall to concentrate on fighting the real problems such as poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, malnutrition etc. on war footing instead of wasting huge public money on piling up unnecessary weapons.

Shouldn't the developed countries too, if at all they feel to be called really developed, abandon their frenzied marketing strategy for selling more & more arms and ammunition to such underdeveloped and developing countries instead of helping these poor countries progress fast in HDI ( Human Development Index).The UN on its part must act very pro-actively to de-escalate any bilateral tension between two member countries as per its 2005 World Summit Outcome Document, R2P (Responsibility To Protect).

Moreover, we know the power of public opinion in such matters of human welfare. As such, isn't it a bounden duty of all right thinking citizens of the world to come forward to act suitably and convincingly to make the world a far better place to live and enjoy a decent life free from war and military tension. As a world family, we have plenty of resources of all kinds to take care of more than basic needs of every human being. Are the rulers listening too?

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  1. I totally agree with you and sincerely hope that rulers are listening and we encounter some progressive steps in the matters of basic human need... I think the desire of distinguished identity and exclusivity has begun to take a worrying shape in all the developing nations and therefore before anything else we need to shun this desire.Again we are not saying we should not enhance our military power, but as you said we have plenty of resources to take care of the basics. Together we have and together we can !!!!


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