Hello! I am Milan K. Sinha, a simple and down to earth man who is assertive by nature, having passion for learning and enhancing existing skills while following the simple philosophy of life: Past is History, Future is Mystery and Present is a ‘Lovely Present' presented to us by the Almighty to let us live in the present, enjoy it and let others around us enjoy it too.

Born in a small town Katihar (Bihar, India), I had an eventful & exciting initial upbringing there. Did Masters in Chemistry from Patna University and later also Graduated with Economics.

I have written extensively both in English and Hindi on current issues of interest - from politics to poetry, science to social & financial matters, in various newspapers and magazines from 1978 to 1981.

Afterwards, joined Banking sector as PO (Probationary Officer) and worked in various capacities  in almost all important departments - be it Marketing, Planning, Credit, Risk Management, Asset recovery, Audit & Credit Monitoring with CAIIB Certification (Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers). Coordinated activities of IBA (Indian Banks Association), Patna Local Chapter for five years.

Then, worked as State Head of a Life Insurance Company - taking care of all aspects from Sales to Admin., HR to Operations.

Presently, besides being a Guest Columnist, I am a Stress Management, Lifestyle Management & Wellness Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Awareness Campaigner, Guest Faculty and Interview Panel Member in IBPS.  To know  more about  my publications & activities, please click here.

My Parents were my true teacher, philosopher and guide. My siblings do continue to contribute in their own way. Swapna Sinha, my better half  is a creative painter and writer too. My daughter, Smiti is a graduate engineer having passion for painting and singing. My twin sons, who too studied engineering,  are very creative: the elder one, Sankalp is extremely passionate about product design and the younger, Shaleen is equally keen towards writing, photography and searching for means to make this world a much better place to live in.
Presently, I take the following Motivational, Stress Management, Personality Development and Health Awareness Sessions in various institutions for motivating the participants towards realizing their dreams of a better tomorrow.
Ø Miracle of Time Management              
Ø Stress Management                                 
Ø Strategy to Win                                        
Ø Miracle of Lifestyle Management        
Ø Benefits of Morning Management                             
Ø Health and Happiness                            
Ø Employee Relationship
Ø Change Management                          
Ø You Too Can Compete Well 
Ø Wellness Management 
(The duration of each session is 90-120 minutes.)

I’m based in Ranchi (Jharkhand, India).

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  1. congratulations on the launch....:-):-):-)
    keep the good work....looking forward to your inspirational writings.......All the Best...:-):-):-)

  2. Congratulations Sir!
    And offcours,e thanx a lot for providing us, one more aid, by which we can be enlighted with your experiences, thoughts and lots of learning.
    I wish this website to creat lots of success stories in future.
    Thanks and Regards. Minni

  3. Hi sir I am from Sanjeev Kumar excellent classes.... I am very glad to attend your lecture this session is quite inspiring for me... Thank you for session.

  4. Hello sir!! I am student of your esteemed friend sanjeev sir. Today your session of few minutes really had a aspect on us. Your interaction with us had motivated us a lot to be determined towards our career. We all are thankful to you for giving us sone part of your precious time.

    Thank you.

  5. Hi, sir I am too a student of sanjeev sir excellent classes and attended the session of yours which really helped me to get concentrated towards my future Thanks

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