Monday, January 1, 2018


All of us want to do something good, want to be happy, wish to begin our day with lots of hope and to end the day relishing the experiences and achievements before finally falling in the bed to enjoy a sound sleep with sweet dreams. But wishes are not horses and as a natural consequence, it doesn't materialize on daily basis. This leads most of us to a discomforting and stressful time slot, may be short or long. 

We find our friends and foes delivering the same dialogue that why only you, now a days every body is going through lots of stress, no matter how well off he is and how many advantages he commands.

You too must have come across an advertisement on your TV screen where in it is shown that an office Babu returns home completely exhausted and dejected to ask his wife, when will Sunday come? Funny but true. 

It happens often in our fast office life; everybody is found to be under pressure to run against the performance target leading to stress and hypertension-the initial phase of heart disease, diabetes and kidney problems - to name the least. 

Waiting for Sunday, the person is living a stressful life for long six days of the week. He is neither able to eat and sleep properly nor able to weep loudly even in camera, to ease himself out. 

He finds nobody around whom to share his problems and anxieties with. 

He is perplexed what to do and how to do? Tension soars. Family members and subordinate colleagues in the office face the angry outbursts which further aggravate the problem for the worst. 

As a short cut remedy, taking alcohol or sleeping pills remains the easy option. But, again in the very next morning, the problem comes to the fore with same or added gravity. Why? 

This is because, on most of the occasions we create our own stress due to our  faulty perceptions and on top of this  we are in the habit of carrying the negative thoughts - the stress issues in our mind and continue to struggle finding solutions in a confused state of mind. 

In fact, our problem gets compounded in this way. 

On the contrary, if we take  pen  and paper to write down the issues troubling us and then try to note down the probable practical solutions just against it as per our own assessment and judgement, we find to our surprise that most of our problems are solved. And if anything remains unresolved, that can very well be attempted with a cool and calm mind in the light of fresh wisdom and confidence gained through our own simple but magical effort to manage stress. 

That's why the famous stress management expert Hans Selye says, ‘it is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.'

Isn’t it an interesting topic? Then, take a pause to ponder over it and if found worth, practice it regularly to enjoy life every day without waiting for Sunday.

As always, I'm keen to know what you think on this subject. Hence, request you to post comments to share your views and experiences. 

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