Friday, April 24, 2020

In 1933, the legendary hockey player Dhyan Chand was playing a match in Rawalpindi, now in Pakistan. The match was between Dhyan Chand's team '14 Punjab Regiment Team' and 'Sappers & Miners Team'.
From the beginning, Dhyan Chand mesmerized the spectators by his splendid game which however, was not liked by the opponent team's centre half and out of sheer desperation; he played foul and injured Dhyan Chand. Everybody was surprised and angry. The game was stopped for a while.
 Dhyan Chand was given the first aid and he returned on the field with bandage on his nose. He went to the defaulting centre half and told him with a smiling face to play well not to injure him (Dhyan Chand) again.

Interestingly, Dhyan Chand then scored six goals in a row against the rival team thereby proving his real calibre in a most dignified and positive manner even under a difficult and trying situation.
Undoubtedly, the true hero of the match was none other than Dhyan Chand.
 Before moving on to next real life story, I have this small poem for you:
 Let others cheer the winning man,
There is one I hold worthwhile:
This is he, who does the best he can,
Then, loses with a Smile.
Beaten he is, but not to stay,
Down with the rank and file:
That man will win some other day,
Who loses with a Smile.
Have you heard of Lawrence Lemieux, the Canadian sailor?
 Lawrence was one of the very few Olympic Stars who was awarded a medal, although he finished 22nd in his game in 1988 Seoul Olympics.
 The reason was:
During the event, when Lawrence was near the halfway point and was in 2nd place in a seven race event, he noticed that the boat of fellow competitors from Singapore,Joseph Chan and Siew Shaw Her had capsized and were thrown into rough water with injuries.
 Without thinking of winning the Olympic medal, Lawrence took a turn to rescue Joseph and Shaw at his own personal risk and did the needful to finally hand them over safely to the official rescue team.
 Lawrence Lemieux finished 22nd in the game but the International Yacht Racing Union unanimously decided to award Lawrence Lemieux 2nd place, his position when he left for rescuing the Singaporean pair.
He was also awarded one of the most prestigious Pierre de Coubertin medal for his sportsmanship, sacrifice and courage in the best spirit of Olympic Ideals.
 Lawrence might not have expected in his wildest imagination to get the medal after formally not qualified for it. But, he must be full of contentment and real joy for having done the right thing he could do at that moment.
There are always a few such examples in and around us who remain engaged in doing something exceptionally worthwhile without expecting any medal or commendation. They just listen to their own call of duty and feel the unbounded pleasure of accomplishing that job.
 Don’t they actually qualify to be the Real Hero?
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