Tuesday, April 3, 2018

All of us are born to live and live healthy. Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Nevertheless, even those people who have materialistic security to a reasonable extent find it difficult to remain normally healthy and disease free. The health issues related to millions of have-nots, who still have many socio-economic problems despite our country being independent for more than seventy long years, are far bigger in any way.

In the course of interacting and discussing with various sets of people of all ages- youths, professionals, senior citizens etc.,  it has come to the fore distinctly that majority of people do not even know the proper way of drinking water. As a natural fall out, they are beset with one or the other ailments or physical problems and are compelled to visit the doctor and take medicines. In the process, they face avoidable inconveniences. It all happens when all of us have been drinking water since our very childhood. To put it plain, we are yet to know the art of drinking water- how much to drink, how to drink, when to drink and when not to.

Normally, we find people eating variety of eatables throughout the day that too under the influence of advertisements without thinking for even a moment before eating that the item is good or not good from health point of view. They are also unaware of the quantity of salt and sugar they are consuming by eating processed and packaged food items in large quantity regularly or in quicker intervals and also of the health hazard of excess consumption of salt or sugar.

The first hand experiences of this sort are many and are quite disturbing. To say the least, any amount of medical expenses by self and the government will be insufficient to do away with or drastically curb the incidence of frequent illness among large majority of our population. It is of course true for any country, but bigger the country, bigger is the problem until and unless we exactly know and be aware of the easy to practice remedies.

So, what exactly we should do to address this growing problem on a sustainable basis?

Here it is. The health experts across the world say that proper lifestyle gives us a blueprint for ensuring that our daily activities and choices keep us on our path of living healthy now and on days ahead.

So, sitting down to review our existing lifestyle discreetly and then deciding what lifestyle components are more important for us will help manage our health and thereby health of our family to a greater extent.

Undoubtedly, through better lifestyle management we become capable of knowing the ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ of a healthy living. To say, we become better equipped to practice desired level of physical activity, healthy eating, body weight management and stress management. This will also enable us to pursue our hobby in a better way and finally sleep well at night.

The end result would definitely ensure better health and productivity for all family members everywhere - workplace, examination centre, playground and home. The bonus will be reduced medical expenses and overall feel good feeling – the real win-win situation.

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