Friday, April 23, 2021

In this age of cut-throat competition for securing better grades or marks even in final school examinations due to various factors including high expectation of parents from their children, the students in general pass through higher stress level especially during examination season. 

Besides impacting their normal study routine, it has negative impact even on their daily routine of eating and sleeping. Surveys show that some students do fall sick at this crucial time and all their preparations of entire year fail to fetch desired result.
Truly speaking, during the examination period, it is all the more necessary to stay fit and fine both mentally and physically in order to perform better by withstanding any negative pressure. To be precise, eating and sleeping well are equally important as studying well during this period.

Well, but the question is how to address these issues?  Yes, it goes like this :

It’s said that well begun is half done. So, start your day early with heavy and healthy breakfast. Your lunch and dinner should also be protein, mineral and vitamin rich but should be relatively lighter than your breakfast. It needs little emphasis that your daily diet has adequate quantity of seasonal fruits and green vegetables. Avoid eating or drinking junk and processed food items or aerated drinks as it normally contain higher level of sugar, fat and salt than actually required besides certain unhealthy chemicals or preservatives. It is always better not to be in a hurry while eating as chewing well is very necessary for better digestion. Keeping your body all the time adequately hydrated is also desirable.

In any case, sleep for 7-8 hours in the night as it calms the brain and facilitates the normal hormone secretion. Actually, sleep deprivation can put the body into a state of high alert as production of stress hormones goes up which may lead to many health complications. Following the age old prescription of ‘early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ is definitely worth practicing. Yes, the sleeping dress should not be tight or uncomfortable; your room should be adequately airy and your bed reasonably comfortable. It is equally vital that your room is devoid of light and sound, the sleep distractors. Meditation of  5-10 minute duration before going to bed ensures quality sleep which adds to your level of freshness and energy in the morning and thereafter as well. 

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