Managing Stress During Exam. Season

Thursday, February 16, 2023


CBSE 10th and 12th examinations are beginning and so are the other board examinations. Students are very busy with their final round of preparations. Although students know well that any examination is only the test of their preparation, patience, mental balance and time management, yet the stress level shoots up during this phase and makes inroads in focusing on the studies. This is not abnormal. Normally, students spend time thinking about what they could not read till now. Subject-wise how much is left, whom to ask or consult, what the friends are doing and so on. In the process precious time flies, stress increases and they feel perplexed or confused at times as to how they should manage the stress and thereby utilise their time purposefully and complete the left over tasks. Yes, students can benefit immensely by following these nine easy to practice stress management tips:    

1. Remain calm, cool and composed: Any test or examination is just a small event in your life. So, it is expected that you participate in that event to the best of your ability and preparation remaining calm, cool and composed. Whatever you could not finish in your course, forget about that for the moment and focus on what you have already read by repeated revision. Don't panic. Take small breaks between two study sessions to relax and refresh your mind.

2. Think and act positive: It is all knowing that if there is a problem in life, there is also a solution for that. So, always try to be in a positive state of mind to find the solution. Have a routine keeping in view the tasks in hand and the priority they deserve. Now move ahead with "I can and I will" mind-set. Productivity will improve fast and stress goes away. Yes, don’t hesitate to consult your parents, elders and teachers, if the solution of any problem seems very difficult for any reason.  

3. Believe in yourself and improve: As swami Vivekananda says, "All power is within you. You can do anything and everything. Believe in that." So, be confident to put your mind and soul to perform well to improve upon your previous results. Avoid comparing and competing with anybody in your class. As such, it is better not to call your friends to know what they are reading now. On the contrary, switch off your mobile phone or at least keep it on silent mode. Keep yourself away from social media engagements. It's time to manage your time very well by concentrating only on the preparation. 

4. Mind Management: Try to manage your mind to ward off confusion and negativity of any kind. Close your eyes and think about the life and works of great people for 2-3 minutes. You will feel good and motivated. Your stress will melt away. Practice this small mind management technique at least 2-3 times a day. Yoga and meditation can also play an important role in this respect besides lowering the stress level and improving overall state of health and happiness. Try to practice it regularly even for 15-20 minutes, preferably in morning hours.   

5. Physical Fitness: Physical fitness is equally important at this time. Getting indisposed can disturb your routine and action plan. Health experts recommend physical exercise of 20-30 minutes a day for secretion of feel good and feel happy hormones besides ensuring better blood circulation, activation of cells and flexibility of muscles. All these cumulatively contribute towards lowering stress level and improving physical fitness. 

6. Remain Hydrated and eat healthy: Whenever you feel stressed or down, sip some water slowly. Healthy eating is equally necessary. Avoid junk food and aerated drinks. By following this prescription, you can ensure that your body organs function well to keep you healthy,  energetic and happy.

7. Take de-stressing foods: Food items like banana, chocolate, dry fruits, lemon or green tea, vegetable soup etc. are well-known for their de-stressing qualities. These items otherwise too are very good for your physical and mental health. So, enjoy these items and remain stress free.

8. Listen to music: Music is a very effective tool to calm down and de-stress your mind. It is known to have a very soothing effect. Hence, enjoy listening to music of your choice, whenever you feel stressed.

9. Sleep well: Actually, sleep deprivation can put the body into a state of high alert as production of stress hormones goes up which may lead to many health complications. In any case, it is always better to sleep well for 7-8 hours in the night as it calms the brain and facilitates the normal hormone secretion which helps in mitigating stress level significantly.


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