Can’t Buy Health, Have to Earn it!

Thursday, July 1, 2021

If at all we keep aside for a moment the issues related to Covid-19 pandemic and its huge adverse impact on economy, health and happiness across the country, still it is painful to find that a fairly large population of our country is suffering either from one or more communicable or non-communicable diseases. Data, in fact, suggests that non-communicable diseases are fast taking a greater number of people into its grip. The ever growing number of patients of Cancer, CVD (
Cardiovascular Disease), Diabetes, Liver and Kidney ailment vindicates this point. To say, overall health and wellness of citizens are the real challenges, equally before the government and the society.

In the course of interacting and discussing with various sets of people of all ages - youths, professionals, senior citizens etc. during my wellness programs, it has come to the fore distinctly that majority of even those who are educated and financially not weak, drink water most casually; eat variety of eatables including soft drinks throughout the day mostly under the sheer influence of advertisements; suffer from variety of sleep disorders and stress problems. Ironically, they even forget to think for even a moment before consuming that item whether it is good from a health point of view. They are also unaware of the quantity of salt and sugar they are consuming by eating junk, processed and packaged food items in large quantities regularly or in quicker intervals and also of the related health hazards of excess consumption of salt or sugar.

The first hand experiences of this sort are many and are quite disturbing. As such, any amount of medical expenses by self and the government will be insufficient to do away with or drastically curb the incidence of frequent illness among the large majority of our population. It is of course true for any country, but bigger the country, bigger is the problem until and unless we exactly know and are quite aware of the easy to practice remedies.

So, what exactly should we do to address this growing problem on a sustained basis? Yes, one thing everybody should always keep in mind that we cannot buy our health; we have to earn it through healthy living. And as Famous British Scientist and Polymath John Lubbock rightly maintains, “Health is much more dependent on our habits and nutrition than on medicine.” That’s why the health and medical experts across the world reiterate that proper lifestyle gives us a blueprint for ensuring that our daily activities and choices keep us on our path of living healthy now and on days ahead. Obviously, sitting down to review our existing lifestyle discreetly and then deciding what lifestyle components are more important and desirable for us will help manage our health and thereby the health of our family to a greater extent.

Truly speaking, through better lifestyle management we become capable of knowing and practicing the Dos’ and ‘Don’ts of a healthy living. To say, we become better equipped to practice the desired level of physical activity, yoga and meditation, healthy eating, body weight management, stress management etc. Undeniably, this health protocol should include visiting a qualified doctor whenever we feel unwell or suffer from any disease or for regular routine check-up, if need be.  Yes, this will also enable us to pursue our hobby in a better way and finally sleep well at night. In nutshell, the end result would definitely ensure better health and productivity for self and all family members everywhere most of the time. Additionally, the bonus will be reduced medical expenses and enhanced happiness level – the real win-win situation. Finally, enjoy the golden words of American Social Reformer Henry Ward Beecher: “The body is like a piano, and happiness is like music. It is necessary to have the instrument in good order.”

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