Wellness Point: 7 Golden Rules To Start Your Day

Monday, August 2, 2021

Keeping ourselves healthy and disease-free has been a huge challenge in the present scenario. Fortunately the number of Covid patients is gradually coming down and so is the mortality rate. Undeniably of course, the country passed through difficult times as the first as well as second wave of Covid-19 pandemic exposed the inadequacy of our medical preparedness. The unavailability of beds in both government as well as private hospitals together with scarcity of oxygen cylinders during the second wave particularly - both actual and man-made, had made the situation worse than expected. Ironically, health is a state subject as per Indian Constitution and equally true is the fact that we don’t have a matching number of even Nurses and Para-medical staff, what to talk of qualified doctors commensurate with ever increasing number of patients of these diseases.

What to talk of the grave situation arisen due to this corona pandemic, if we look around to find the general health condition of common people, the ground reality is far from satisfactory, even in case of non–infectious diseases such as Heart, Liver and Kidney ailments,  Cancer, Diabetes etc. Undoubtedly, there are more than one reasons, but one major reason for the growing number of people of all ages falling sick and that too in frequent intervals, is our bad lifestyle, more particularly casual or undesirable morning management. Interestingly, we know that morning shows the day and well begun is half done, but actually a large number of people either don’t know the art of beginning the day well or don’t care to practice it despite being informed.

So, what are the basic prescriptions of managing our morning well?  

Undeniably, the morning management activity of 60 to 90 minutes duration out of 1440 minutes a day must be devoid of social media activity of any kind through mobile phone or otherwise for ensuring an uninterrupted and focussed attention on wellness aspects to finally make your day highly performing, productive and equally fulfilling.

Yes, it is essential to always start the day with a positive mindset with “I can and I will” commitment. Interestingly, the past is history, the future is a mystery and the present is the most lovely present. So, enjoy the present and start the day very well by following these seven steps sincerely.

1. Waking up Activity:

Precisely speaking when you wake up after a full night's sleep, try to move all parts of the body - from legs to head, slowly for only 3-4 minutes lying on the bed itself just to bring the body into active mode. Then get up without any jerk to sit for 2-3 minutes on the bed and rub your palm and sole to ensure adequate blood supply in your body parts. It’s now time to pray to the living God of Energy and Light – the Sun and feel that you are getting energized and enlightened.

2. Talk to Yourself:

After alighting from the bed gently, move slowly towards the mirror to see and greet yourself with a wide smile on your face, as practically you got a new day to live and enjoy. Talk to yourself for some moment to reassure yourself that you are going to make the day a performing and fulfilling one. Also remember the memorable words of Swami Vivekananda, “Talk to yourself once in a day, otherwise you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world.” Believe me, you would start experiencing a goodness feeling and consequently your whole body starts reacting and responding appropriately.

3. Internal Cleaning and Detoxification: 

It’s now time to sit well and sip slowly at least half liter of lukewarm water preferably with lemon juice which is a rich source of Vitamin–C. As you know our body contains about 70 percent water and hence it is very necessary to get it properly hydrated on time to remain healthy and feel better. Subsequently, walk in your courtyard, room or balcony for only 3-4 minutes before your body sends you a signal for washroom formalities of body waste clearance. This is necessary to internally clean and detoxify your body to feel light and fresh. 

4. Attitude of Gratitude:  

After exiting the washroom, sit comfortably for two minutes, close your eyes, take a deep breath and remember your parents and teacher or mentor to express your gratitude for all they have done and are still doing for your wellbeing. Former President of America John F. Kennedy rightly says, “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” It has a significant positive impact on our mental well-being.

5. Boosting Immunity:

Now it’s time to enjoy the taste of 5-6 basil leaves, one black pepper and clove for a while. It should be followed by one teaspoon of honey, if you are not diabetic. Alternatively, you can take other Ayurvedic combinations such as Ginger and Cinnamon. This will dis-infect your throat and also make your immune system stronger. For better digestion and immunity about 25 ml of Giloy and Amla juice with equal amounts of water is another option.

6. Exercise and Yoga:

Next you should warm up the body for better blood circulation, flexibility and metabolism. It is notable here that during this pandemic time, instead of going for an outside walk or gym engagement, it is better to remain indoors and do some work outs which also include a few yoga exercises. Undeniably, the benefits of Yoga can only be realised if we practice it regularly with complete sincerity and determination, with a relaxed body and open mind in a comparatively oxygen rich space. Regular practice of Yoga has found to have a very positive impact on our digestive and immune system, muscle strength, emotional stability as through different Aasanas and Pranayams, we inhale more of oxygen and exhale more of carbon dioxide and other obnoxious gases thereby making all body organs properly activated. 

7. Breaking the Fast well:

After completion of these activities, your body demands healthy food to keep this unique engine going properly. It is all knowing that the morning breakfast must be very nutritious and in adequate quantity. The idea is to have a desired quantity of protein, fat, carbohydrate, minerals and vitamins. The food must be properly and mindfully eaten as well. It is worth noting that the habit of escaping breakfast for any reason whatsoever is found to be the major cause of serious health problems sooner rather than later. It is all knowing that cold drinks, junk food, frozen, packaged and preserved food items are to be avoided for maintaining better health. One more thing must be remembered and that is not to drink water while eating and just before or after breakfast. Yes, for better digestion and absorption of nutrients it is always good to drink water about 45 minutes before or after any meal and that too sitting comfortably.

In nutshell, through morning management you can effectively set the tone for better day management as your enthusiasm, energy and wellness feeling get a big boost right in the morning. In fact, this small investment of time guarantees better health, happiness and performance in your life. Not only this, it has a very positive impact on the lives of your family members at home and colleagues at work place. So, just practice the easy to do prescriptions of morning management and reap innumerable benefits.       

As always, I am keen to know what you think on this subject. Hence, request you to post Comments to share your views and experiences.

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