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From the very childhood, our parents, guardians, elders and teachers have been telling us that if you do the right thing right away, you will develop yourself well and you will get success in all your endeavors more or less in a matching manner, sooner or later. They have also been trying to impress that there is no short cut to success. Only consistent hard work with proper knowledge, planning, dedication and commitment will guarantee progress, success and happiness in life. There are several motivational books on the subject in the market to underline these points.

There are thousands of true stories as well about many of our great men in all walks of life who struggled indefatigably year after year to achieve seemingly unachievable goals, may it be freedom of the country from slavery of foreign rule or the socio-economic revolutions for an equitable and just society or numerous great scientific inventions. Otherwise also, whose life in this world has been without any struggle, long or short, tough or slightly difficult?

If that is so, then why do we suffer at times with negative thoughts and feel demotivated and demoralized when confronted with a difficult situation where we are required to come out of our comfort zone to perform the job successfully? It is painful to find that more and more people are joining this fold and making their life as well as the life of their family members quite miserable without any valid reason or rhyme. Why does this happen?

A number of experts are of the opinion that it is due to our reluctance to embrace struggle as our natural companion in life despite knowing very well that the struggle in everybody’s life is not unusual or uncommon. It is rather part of our long dynamic life cycle and we should be thankful for this as only by travelling through our own struggle route, we become able to develop strength to face our present and future in a better manner. That’s why Henry Rollins says, “Strength is the product of struggle; you must do what others don’t to achieve what others won’t.”

Many writers and thinkers have been saying it in different ways that as the gold gets a better sheen and shine after going through the test of fire, so is the human being who is required to go through the struggle cycle of varying magnitude to achieve the desired goal in life. To say in other words, the fruits of success become sweeter when it is achieved through the route of struggle. Amos Bronson Alcott puts it in this way, ‘Success is sweet and sweeter if long delayed and gotten through many struggles and defeats.’

In fact, struggle exposes us to many challenges which ultimately pave the way to our manifold accomplishments and progress – may it be our enhanced level of self-confidence, commitment, knowledge base, dedication, empathy and compassion. The harder the struggle, the more glorious is the success.

Think for a while about the historical feat of Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and his co-mountaineer Tenzing Norgay of Nepal who unfurled the flag of success for the first time on 29029 feet high Mount Everest in May, 1953 by putting the exemplary level of struggle despite mountain of odds during the course of their expedition. There are many such historical feats in other fields of activity as well, of course with a common message that great friendship with struggle guarantees great success. Finally, the golden words of Noam Chomsky who says, “Changes and progress very rarely are gifts from above. They come out of the struggle from below.”

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